About Us
CEO’s Note

Hereby, I want to appreciate your interest in our company profile.

It’s been more than sixty years, three generations of our family are being involved in poultry business, specially breeding and farming.

Being the third generation of this family, I have joined the business since 2003, starting with turkey farming. Later on, in addition to farming, I started turkey meat distribution, which has been continued more than a decade.

In year 2014, a cooperation of three family members; my father, my cousin and I have founded the company Pars Turkey Industry Development, as a turkey meat integration covering all turkey related business: Providing day-old turkey poults, breeding turkey, slaughtering and producing turkey meat; then, processing and packaging it, and finally distributing it to the market.

Currently, having the ownership of the largest turkey farm and having many other farms under coverage, we are ready to provide all sort of turkey meat (fresh, frozen, processed, etc.) considering the customers’ requirements.

Having capable and dynamic people available, we are going to become the largest specialized company in the region; producing, processing and providing turkey meat as a healthy and cost-effective food from farm to meal.

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